Terms and conditions

All work carried out by Corneth Logistics is subject to the following terms and conditions. Click the links to download them or ask us to email you a copy free of charge. 

Domestic transport 

The Dutch General Conditions of Transport 2002 (Algemene Vervoerscondities 2002, AVC), filed with the registry at the District Courts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam https://www.tln.nl/app/uploads/2019/10/AVC-2002-versie-2015-NL.pdf

Cross-border transport 

The Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road 
(CMR) https://www.sva.nl/files/bva_sva/downloads/2019-12/6040%20-%20CMR-Verdrag%20NL%20-%20A4%20web.pdf

The Dutch General Conditions of Transport apply alongside the CMR Convention.

The Fenex Terms and Conditions apply to any secondary activities Corneth Logistics carries out at your instruction (in Dutch only): 

Our logistics services, such as storage and handling, are subject to:


The terms below govern all payments and apply in addition to all our terms and conditions (in Dutch only): 


As and when new versions become available, these versions will apply.
In case of any conflict of interpretation, the Dutch text will be the authoritative version.

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