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Driven by generations


John Corneth started out in the transport industry in 1988, with just a single truck. Since then, Corneth Logistics has become a true family business with offices in a number of countries. Over 30 years of expertise and experience have seen us develop into a medium-sized enterprise.

Our proposition is clear and simple. We offer excellent service, with maximum quality guaranteed. This has earned us the reputation of a trusted partner among our clients. Our team of professionals and our modern equipment help us to ensure that shipments are delivered to the right place at the right time. The service you promise to your customers is the service you will receive from us.

Our mission

The family atmosphere within our company keeps barriers on the shop floor low. There is no rigid hierarchy here. We strongly believe in doing right by our staff and showing mutual respect. Our approach and the results we achieve are testament to this.

Over time, we have built enduring, trusting relationships with an established customer base. Our service is personalised, based on direct and fast lines of communication and takes all the worry out of logistics. Continuous monitoring helps us to ensure a smooth end-to-end process. Our clients know they can rely on us.

Our vision

At Corneth Logistics, our goal for the years ahead is to continue our current growth. We want to help even more clients take the stress out of transport, with an emphasis on our specialist services in conditioned logistics. We are also committed to keeping up our investments in our people, IT, equipment and the environment.

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